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Parco della Martesana,
via Agordat, Milano
M1 Turro / M2 Cimiano

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DJ Mokambo Brothers

ore 18.00 – ingresso gratuito


DJ Mokambo brothers, aka Felice Pascale and Cristian Saviano, is a duo grown up personally and professionally in Milan (Italy). Inspired and influenced by the New York 70s and 80s music revolution they started to collect vinyl and records of a multitude of artists, making up an incredible music selection which ranges from Funk to hip hop through jazz.
Their ability to play across different sounds and categories, soon, lead them to the notoriety. Since 2007 they started to move hundreds of people organising their branded parties called “Mokambo”.
However, what boomed their career is the so called and well known “Block Party Project”. With the fundamental idea of revitalise forgotten areas in Milan and with the mission of making their music accessible to everyone, “Mokambo Under the Bridge Block Party” and “Mokambo Block Party Garage” attracted more than thousand people from the entire North of Italy. At this point the sky was the only limit, Nike, 55DSL, Adidas, Diadora, Nintendo and Vice chose them to run their private parties and international events.
Everybody was talking about them and further collaborations with Kangol, Stussy, Wag, Corriere della Sera and events such as “Fuori Salone Closing Party” and “Fabbrica del Vapore” consecrated their success. It does not take long for them to be at close contact with international artists like DJ Lord (Public Enemy), DJ Lord Jazz with Lords of the Underground, Illa J, The Alchemist, Oh No, Frank Nitt, Dead Prez and Apollo Brown.
In Milan if you want speak funky ask the Mokambo brothers who are ready to make their music known in London too.