Anfiteatro Martesana

Parco della Martesana,
via Agordat, Milano
M1 Turro / M2 Cimiano

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Mike Pastori & His New Dodos

ore 15.30 – ingresso gratuito


“And what about The Dodos?” (Ringo Starr, speaking with Woody Allen)

Once, there were The Dandy Dodos. Those were The Great Days, of swinging and rocking, rolling and clubbing. And the records, the crowds, the girls. Ooh, you can’t imagine the girls. Oohh. You can’t, really, you can’t. But one day the cops came, and started kicking and punching everybody, with no apparent reason. Perplexity took the minds of the band members: they knew that nothing would have ever been the same. In fact, since then, no more Dandy Dodos, no more swinging, no more passion fruits. Instead, a lot of drinking, heavy, heavy drinking. “Can you pass me the water, Mike?” (Christopher Columbus, one morning in April) But a light appeared in the dark. Former members Lorenzo “MorOniK” Moroni and Walter “Walzer” Carluccio, almost homeless and without a future, found inspiration in the love for the almighty Jah and most of all in the powerful figure of famous jazz trumpeter and band leader Mike “Da Man” Pastori. Under his guide they started returning to active life, and produced something that somebody says doesn’t make ears bleed. And so on. Happiness, pride and joy are now in their hearts. And sometimes, a smile appears on the face of Da Man. And a tear in the eyes of the others.

“Mike got it!” (Miles Davis, referring to a trumpet somebody stole him)